Review: Volvo S60 (Gen. 3)

A review of Sweden’s latest contender in the premium midsize saloon market. The midsize saloon market- nowadays, it is not what it once was for popularity. However sales for the premium midsize car market is still a strong sales post, as compared to contemporary midsize saloons; while they are more- plush nowadays, they are being... Continue Reading →

Hot Topic: Toyota Supra (A90)

A look at the legacy- and return of one of the most respected nameplates not only from Toyota, but the automotive world. Sports cars. Coupes, Saloons, Hot-Hatchbacks, whatever form a sports car may be in, it can easily be under scrutiny, due to market trends and the financial condition of the company, which can be... Continue Reading →

Ford Puma

The Ford Puma was a small, compact coupe based off the Ford Fiesta MK4. It was sold in Europe and the UK only, from 1997 until into 2002 and was very popular. It was one of the first Ford cars to have a waiting list in the original mustang in 1964/65. This car was developed... Continue Reading →

Volvo: Electric Future

An observation about the sharp new move for Volvo and Polestar. Up until recent years, car manufacturers would need a environmentally- conscious image, to satisfy their consumer base, since the 70’s, in order to show that their products weren’t as bad for polluting the environment, but more so to comply with mandatory government regulations, usually... Continue Reading →

A brand that needs revival – Lancia

If you were to say to anyone today to think of an Italian car brand, what would come to their mind is ‘Fiat, Alfa Romeo or Maserati’. If you were to question someone on a brand of innovation, they may say ‘Honda, Toyota, Mercedes or Saab’. And motorsport pedigree, they may say ‘Ford, BMW, Lotus... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Open Roads. Like open roads, this site involves matters of driving, cars, motor-sport, automotive history, engineering design and much more. This is a place to either delve into reading automotive, learning something you may not know, or even somewhere to causally glance at for trivia or a quick read. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this... Continue Reading →

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